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Manda Scott

Manda Scott is author of the Boudica: Dreaming series and the creator of the Dreaming Awake training programme. She has taught courses since 2004 striving to find clear, repeatable structures by which modern people living busy lives can make genuine, authentic – and safe – heart connections with the earth. Her most senior apprentices have been training with her for fifteen years and she is delighted to welcome them to the teaching roster. For a more detailed look into the background of the Dreaming, see here

Nicola Didsbury

Northern dreamer, Nicola Didsbury, first encountered shamanic practice 14 years ago, on a Foundation course ran by Manda in 2005. A deep connection to the land, the ancestors and the gods, has been the bedrock of her dreaming.

Nicola grew up on a dairy farm in the Lake District. As a little girl her grandfather showed her the places where the ancient ancestors once lived on the nearby fell and this sparked a life-long obsession with the ancient British tribes. She joined the Megalithic Portal, and started to connect with other people who cared as intensely about our ancestors and who tried to capture the spirit of place. She came across Manda’s Boudica series, and booked onto a foundation Dreaming Awake course, which changed her life.

During a Dreaming Awake Vision Quest in Wales, whilst sitting out in the wild by a waterfall, grief found and racked her, tears seared, as she realised what had been lost.The gods came one by one, and she knew she had to honour them in ceremony, to build the connection, and share it with others. She committed to start a sacred circle in Carlisle, to draw people together, and drum and sing the spirits of the land alive, to connect to the old gods of our land, and through her connection to them, create a sacred safe space for people to remember who they are. The circle has refined over the years, and now has a core group meeting each month.

In 2018 she completed the journey around the wheel, and hopes to teach the Dreaming Awake courses from a venue in the North of England.

Louise Mayor

Louise has been part of the dreaming circle for nearly a decade. Originally from Bristol, she now lives and works in London and is passionate about exploring her connection to the land, the gods, and starting from a place of authenticity in all things.

 My grandfather introduced me to the concept of energy and it’s movements as a small child, and opened my eyes to its uses in healing, and it was with a feeling of being welcomed home that I found Dreaming Awake as a group I could join and grow in my understanding of the seen and unseen world around me.
I am an experienced martial arts (taekwondo) instructor, and I facilitate rock climbing and SCUBA diving courses in addition to also teaching first aid. Dreaming has helped me develop ways to integrate spiritual practice into daily life, and maintain a heart mind connection, even in the busy world of an inner city.

I’ve attended many of Manda’s courses as a student, and as my own shamanic practice continues to deepen and widen, I am honoured to be able to hold the space for other dreamers to explore their practice.

Liza Goddard

Liza was introduced to the Dreaming Awake, Shamanic practice by her daughter, in 2005. It was the spiritual practice she’d been searching for and opened up the world of Journeying and the Ancestors and Spirit Guides.

The Boudica books by Manda hinted at a spiritual path that I could travel and when I attended a Foundation Course in 2005 my life changed. I’d finally found the spiritual practice that I had been searching for. Since then I have travelled through the ten Gates with Manda and attended many other courses and workshops with her, including Advanced Shamanic Healing, Healing With Plants, a Vision Quest, as well as two Life and Death courses with Manda and Chris Luttichau.

I have been attuned to Reiki 1 and have also done workshops for animal healing and dowsing. More and more people are trying to find a spiritual practice in these troubling times and I am so grateful to be part of this tribe and in awe of Manda for leading us with her clear, own hearted, shining, integrity. With this growing awareness of how important this work is and how transformative it has been for me, it would be an honour to introduce other people to Dreaming Awake, here in East Anglia.

“Intent. Integrity. Integration. These three are the pillars on which a shamanic spiritual life stands. We hone our intent, we check our integrity, we integrate our authentic selves into a life which reflects our clarity in every waking and sleeping moment.”

Manda Scott

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