Dreaming Awake

Shamanic Practice for the 21st Century

What is Shamanism?

Shamanic practice is the modern extension of indigenous spiritualties that once encompassed the globe. Our ancestors of many tribes and many nations understood that this reality is one of an infinite number of possible realities and that, wonderful as it is, we limit ourselves if we don’t learn to step beyond it.

About Shamanic Practice

Shamanic practice incorporates three main arms by which we can connect more fully with whatever we hold to be true: shamanic journeying, shamanic dreaming and ritual practice.

Why Now?

We no longer live in the way of our hunter-gatherer forebears – or those shamanic cultures still existing – whose lives were/are an integral part of the world around them. What can we do then, as authentic individuals, endeavouring to make the connection that is our birthright, while doing so in a way that honours the time and the place of this lifetime?


A shamanic life is built on a constant search for the authentic self, and the connections we can build from it to the world around us; the rocks and the rivers, the mountains and the moorland, the squirrel in the city park, the pattern of water on a pond.

Our courses and training set the framework within which you can begin to build  those connections: where you can learn to find and to nurture the still place of listening; where you can learn to ask the questions that matter most to you and hear authentic answers that will help bring you into the fullness of all that you can be.


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