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I've been a Shamanic Practitioner for a number of years already. Do I really have to come to the Foundation Course before I can do anything else with you?

Yes. The Foundation weekend will introduce people who have no shamanic background to the tools of the practice, but it also introduces everyone to the medicine wheel we work with, and the fundamental principles of what we understand to be safe ways of working.

How quickly can I do all the courses?

After each gated course you need 6 months to process and integrate your experience, and then a further 6 months to begin to turn your focus to the next gate. We run an online gathering around the time of the winter solstice to help you do this, and there are non-gated courses that you are welcome to attend at any time after coming on a Foundation Course. You are also welcome to re-visit any gate you’ve already been through at any time. More information (including the order of the courses) is on the ‘Courses’ Page 

Shamanic practice is almost impossible to learn from books and magazines, so our courses are designed to give participants experience of the first steps. We learn protection and grounding as an essential basic.

Following this, we learn techniques that enable us to dream and journey so that we can begin to build our own geography of the other realities and to meet some early guides and helpers who can undertake the fuller teaching. 

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