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  • Online Foundation Course
     July 25, 2024 - July 28, 2024
     7:30 am - 11:30 am

The online foundation is designed to cater for those who cannot attend an in-person course. It is for everyone, from those with no experience of any spiritual practice of any kind, to those who already have an established practice. If you choose to come to an online course, we recommend that you do not undertake any other commitments during the weekend, but treat it as if you were attending something residential.

This course is running for people in Australasian timezones and will run to the following UK (BST) timings:

Thursday 25th: 7.30am – 11.30am Friday 26th: 8am – 11.30am Saturday 27th: 8am – 11.30am Sunday 28th: 8am – 11.30am.

Each course is different and depends on the needs of those who come, but at its heart, the foundation weekend is about learning how to ask fundamental questions: to ask for help to aid your own growth, your personal healing and to begin to rebuild the enduring relationships with the gods and guides of this land.  You will begin to learn the nature of dreaming: dreaming awake and dreaming asleep as a way to begin to ask the relevant questions.

Over the four days, we will explore the basic tools of shamanic dreaming and journeying, and the ways they may safely be used to ask the questions that matter most to our lives. We will learn the function and relevance of the medicine wheel in contemporary shamanic practice. The aim is that you finish with a set of relevant tools that can help you find greater personal authenticity and integrity in your lives and that you will understand how to use them safely. You will be introduced to the outline of future courses.

This course will be facilitated by Louise Mayor